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14.4kW Solar System

Darwin Solar will install a powerful 14.4KW solar system on your home with your choice of High Performance Mono PERC Solar Panels. Save up to 65kW* a day with thus huge single phase grid connect solar system! 2.7 Year Payback, estimated $6,800* pa energy saving.

11.6kW Energy Storage

Store your solar energy and make blackouts a thing of the past with Solax Triple Power Solar Batteries. German engineered with a 10-year warranty and 90% depth of discharge, the new Solax Triple Power battery is a flexible, practical, high-performance energy storage solution.

10kW Inverter Capacity

The SolaX X1 5kW Hybrid the intelligent SolaX X1 Hybrid Inverter can direct energy into your home and then into your battery for later use.


If your home experiences a loss of power, the X1 Hybrid will then send the stored power back to the home, ensuring you are never left in the dark even during a power-cut. The Solax Hybrid also continues charging batteries and powering the home during a prolonged power-cut.


The SolaX X1 3kW Boost is integrated with the Solflow Solar Hot Water system to divert energy once it reaches temperature. The Solax Boost is one of the most efficient residential string solar inverters available, boasting a massive 97.6% efficiency.


Solax X1 2kW Mini The SolaX X1 Mini range of inverters are designed and engineered for small PV arrays. The X1 Mini promises unrivalled performance, allowing you to harvest the maximum amount of energy possible from your PV system.

Solflow Solar Hot Water

The Solflow PV Direct Hot Water is super-efficient and super smart! Sun-generated energy produced by your solar panels heats your hot water tank, whilst a PV Direct Controller diverts any excess energy you generate into usable electricity for even more savings. Due to the intelligent design, the PV Direct system only needs a few hours of sunlight to create usable hot water for your family.


The system is up to 99% energy efficient and is designed to work all year round. More than just a solar hot water solution, it’s also about making your home fully sustainable and heading towards energy neutral.


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*Energy savings estimate based on 100% self consumption and average hot water consumption and optimal solar conditions. Payback may vary due to STC fluctuations, price increases and system specifications. Ask your representaive for an accurate estimation based on your usage