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Our residential product and services suite includes a free bill analysis service, information on our Solar Hot Water solution, our Solar Pool Pump solution, Solar Air Conditioners and Solar Irrigation solutions. There is also information on how you can finance or buy your
solar system.

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The Self-Sustainable Home.

Darwin Solar has invented a range of solar energy products that can enable a home to be self-sufficient in electricity. With Darwin Solar the completely self-sustainable home of the future is now a reality.

Solar power systems

Install a Darwin Solar (PV) System today and start harnessing the sun’s clean, natural energy to be energy independent and no longer at the mercy of ever-increasing electricity bills.


Better still, install a holistic tailored optimum Solar (PV) System comprising of battery storage, hot water, pool pump, monitoring and air conditioning and you can start heading even faster towards zero energy consumption from the grid and a power neutral home!

Our range of Solar PV Systems


Smart Hybrid Solar.

These systems are technologically savvy and very cost effective. They can be optimised to suit your needs without all the ‘bells and whistles’. They are ideal for those that want the benefits of a standard solar system without any expensive extras.

Optimised Solar Systems.

These systems incorporate all the latest technology to ensure maximised performance from your solar PV system.


This System has the “smarts” to monitor each module (solar panel) of the system to maximise energy production plus ensure that the system operates efficiently at all times.

Battery Ready Solar Systems.

our Smart Hybrid Solar System and our Optimised Solar System can be combined with ‘battery ready’ technology, allowing you to add the battery system of your choice whenever you are ready.


Battery Storage has been around for over 50 years so it’s not new. However, innovative new technologies and products means we must carefully analyse capabilities, temperature factors and capacity as well as cost versus return on investment to give you the best solution possible.