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Commercial Finance

Ask about our financing options and get a
tailor-made quote for your business.

Darwin Solar can assist with tax effective ideas to finance your commercial solar system including Low doc loans, Power purchase agreements or Leasing options to make your investment tax effective. A solar system is an investment for your business, cash invested into reducing your energy expense today will pay dividends for years to come.


We can provide options that are cash flow positive from day one, leaving no financial exposure or risk to your business. With tax deductions, depreciation and low interest rates, it’s now even easier to save money and the environment!

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Finance Options 

Solar Lease

A Solar Lease suits businesses that prefer to use a payment plan to eliminate the upfront capital investment required. Your business will have the advantage of solar power without a negative effect on cash flow.


You have a fixed payment plan and own the solar system at the end of the term for a payout of usually $1, although the payout figure can be higher if required to lower your monthly repayments.

Power Purchase Agreement

A Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) offers your business a way to install solar and fix your electricity costs without providing any upfront capital to install your solar system.


The PPA provider will take on full ownership and maintenance of the solar system, you are only required to enter an agreement to purchase the electricity your solar PV system generates, which is usually much cheaper than your current grid rate.

Chattel Mortgage

With this option, the solar system goes onto the asset register and the lender takes a mortgage over the system.


An eligible business can claim back the GST as a lump sum and if the solar system can be written off in less than one year if it costs less than $150k. (subject to ATO guidelines).

Cash Purchase

A cash purchase enables your business to achieve the highest ROI from a commercial solar system and lowest cost of electricity generated. It does however require an upfront capital investment in the solar system.

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