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PV Direct Hot Water

Solflow PV Direct Hot Water is a solution that’s simple to install, with no pumps to replace, no moving parts and no plumbing on your roof.

PV Direct Hot water

One of the biggest energy users in any home is water heating—it can account for up to a quarter of total energy use, costing you big dollars every year.

That’s why so many Australians are installing the highly efficient SolFlow PV Direct Hot Water solution in their home or business.

It will reduce your carbon footprint and deliver significant savings on the cost of heating your water all year round.


In fact, recent research shows that a SolFlow solution integrated into an existing home heating system can save up to 90% of the energy required to heat water in an average 4-person household*.

PV Direct Technology

Hot Water innovation at it's best!

SolFlow PV Direct Hot Water is a solution that’s simple to install, with no pumps to replace, no moving parts and no plumbing on your roof.

With a SolFlow PV Direct Hot Water system, up to 12 solar panels are connected directly to the water heating controller to harness the sun’s power. Heating water using light rather than the old fashion way of thermal heating is the future of water heating!

Energy stays stays in DC format from the solar panel, to the controller and then finally to a unique designed DC element with IP protected over-temperature protection. For moments when there is insufficient sunlight, a mid-mounted boost element or gas booster will ensure the water is always at the optimum temperature.


The SolFlow controller manages the process and when optimal water temperature achieved, the solar panels can be used directly to other appliances such as an Inverter or Battery Storage. Unlike some other solar hot water technologies, there are no additional pipes or expensive pumps required or any tubes that need to be insulated from the cold.

Cabling is minimal and therefore easier to install and suffers less power loss. Actually a zero degree ambient temperature has little effect on the system. As long as there is sunlight….. solar hot water heating will occur. In fact, Direct Current is more efficient than its Alternating Current counterpart.


By keeping everything in DC energy from the solar modules to the controller and element, an electrical efficiency of 99.6% can be achieved, saving you even more money on your water heating bills summer or winter! Remember, we need only light to create solar hot water, not heat in the air!


Most solar panel manufacturers give their products a 25 year performance warranty and are designed to take a beating from the sun everyday, unlike most solar thermal hot water systems that have a 5 – 10 year warranty. Because our hot water system is on the ground and protected from the elements it puts the SolFlow water heating system ahead of all other technology.


To ensure there’s always hot water on cloudy days or at night time, the SolFlow solution allows you to have an electric or gas booster to ensure a round-the-clock supply of piping hot water.

Darwin Home, Bathroom, Bath, Hot water, Solar hot water

How it works

Solflow PV Direct Hot Water is simple and straightforward. No pumps. No moving parts. Virtually 100% energy efficient. Add an optional controller and when the water hits the right temperature then excess power can be used for other appliances, sold back into the grid or sent to a home storage battery for use later.

Solar Panels generate DC electricity. Controller sends DC power to heating element, no inverter required. Hot water generated is stored in cylinder and is ready for use on demand. Storage Cylinder will replace standard electric cylinder with no additional plumbing. Gas booster or mains connected electricity is used during periods of low solar input. Optional diverter sends PV power to inverter for grid connection or battery storage when the system is up to temperature.
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