Solar Panels

Our Solar Panel range

Solar panels are among the most critical parts of a solar power system so it is important they are also of good quality, yet at the right price. At Darwin Solar we recommend and install the below listed brands.


As we can purchase solar panels in large volumes from the manufacturers and wholesalers, our system prices are very competitive and we are able to pass on the savings to you.


A World leading solar module manufacture with a monocrystalline only focus, LONGi solar is steadily gaining many admirers in the industry.


Features for Longi HiMO5m 540 Panel:
• High Efficiency
• Low LID mono PERC with Half-cut Technology
• 12 Year Warranty for Materials and Processing
• 25 Year Warranty for Extra Linear Power Output

LONGi's high-efficiency PV modules are widely used all over the world, from alpine grasslands to desert wastelands, and from ponds and vegetable beds to household dwellings. LONGi's ultra-high-value PV module products continue to benefit customers and local economy with its advantages of "higher power, lower degradation and higher reliability".


REC Group is an international solar energy company committed to quality and innovation. REC offers photovoltaic modules with class leading quality, backed by a 25-year manufacturers warranty and exceptional low warranty claims rate of less than 100ppm.


  • The world’s highest power 60-cell solar panel.

  • Greater amount of sunlight converted to electricity.

  • A beautiful solar panel with reinforced frame.

  • Over 20% more power from the same install.

  • All backed up by an industry-leading warranty.

  • This is the REC Alpha Series.

Assembled with multi-busbar PERC cells, the JA Solar 390W panels with MBB Half-Cell Module provides an efficient and affordable solar panel solution that is best suited for Australian conditions.

  • Higher output power

  • Better temperature-dependent performance

  • Less shading and lower resistive loss

  • Enhanced tolerance for mechanical loading

  • 12 year product warranty and 25 year performance warranty