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Residential Finance

Residential Finance

The sun’s energy is free for everyone, not like the electricity that is sent to you via the electricity grid. The only thing stopping you from harnessing this free energy is not owning the technology to make it usable.


Of course the technology isn’t free, however there are some constructive ways of acquiring a solar power generating system that you may not have thought of and there are also still some government solar rebate schemes available which could give you a discount as high as 30% on your system. Fast track your sustainable home with a Green Loan available online, it only takes 5 minutes to apply. Contact us now to help you with a no-deposit, easy to apply, green loan from our trusted finance partners.

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Finance Options 

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Fast track your sustainable home with the Brighte Green Loan

We’re unlocking your potential to achieve your dream home with the power of choice! After all, who doesn’t love choice? With a competitive loan for all your home energy improvements, the possibilities (and energy savings) with Brighte are endless. Our mission is to make paying easy, so you can live your best life today.


A fixed interest rate! A fixed interest rate means, we won’t change the interest rate on you!


Fund purchases between $1k to $30K: Our fixed interest rate is the same, regardless of the amount you need to borrow


Repay over 2 to 7 years: You choose the loan term and repayment amount that works for you

We reward your good credit history with even better rates ensuring the loan you end up with has been personalised to you.

A green loan is a type of unsecured loan that can be used to fund the purchase and installation of approved clean energy products, helping you lower your power bills while supporting the health of the planet.


Plenti green loans can provide a lower interest rate than traditional personal loans or credit cards, and with terms of up to 7 years, offer affordable repayments to help more homeowners access the benefits of clean energy technology.


Flexible loan terms from 3 years to 7 years for loans between $2,001 and $45,000. Get the right repayment fit for you.


No early repayment fees because nobody has ever said ‘yes please’ to fees.

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