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Solar Air Conditioner

Solar Air Conditioner

Australia’s No. 1 Solar AC DC Air Conditioners 

Solar air conditioners require no batteries to deliver huge savings. During the day, when air conditioning is needed the most, you can operate this unit partly or up to 100% by it’s independent solar panels to achieve maximum efficiency. At night, you can continue to save due to its high efficiency and special AC limiting option.



The WIFI functionality allows full control, daily and weekly timers, complete visibility with AC and DC consumption and the history of all power consumption.

Simple & Easy to Install

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Hybrid Solar Air Conditioning


Solar-Powered: Uses free solar energy to run the air conditioner.

Cost Savings: Potentially saves up to 100% on electricity bills.

Easy Installation: No need for an additional inverter; simple setup.

No Batteries: Eliminates the need for costly batteries.

Low Panel Requirement: Operates efficiently with only a few PV panels.

Eco-Friendly: Reduces carbon footprint and emissions.

Daytime Efficiency: Most effective during daytime use.


Savings: Significant long-term cost savings on electricity.

Environmentally Friendly: Reduces reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

User-Friendly: Easy installation and operation.

Energy Independence: Less dependence on the grid.

Quick Start: Immediate benefits after installation.

Low Maintenance: Fewer components to maintain.

Grid Relief: Reduces strain on the grid during peak hours.

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100% Eco, savings, max effiency, Grid AC Power Limiter, Wide operating temperature, Auto Balance
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