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Energy storage solutions

One of the most exciting developments on the solar front in recent years has been the introduction of low-cost storage batteries. It represents a big step forward in terms of achieving a power-neutral home and zero energy consumption from the grid. In most cases you will be better off storing your excess energy for your own use rather than feeding it back into the grid.
Make sure you talk to your Darwin Solar representative about incorporating battery storage into your installation or at least ensuring you have a battery-ready system, for battery storage prices will be progressively reduced as the years unfold and you can simply add one later.

How does it work?

Solar Battery Storage works by storing any excess unused power generated by your solar panels. By storing this power for when you want to use it, you will no longer be buying ‘back’ the excess power you sent to the grid when your solar was generating. Lower bills and less reliance on the grid. It’s that simple.
Soltaro’s home battery storage range is comprehensive. Expandable storage that is durable, well designed and meant to last. We cater for all sizes. Soltaro expandable modules ensure you can increase your energy storage. Handy for when you have a growing family.
With the addition of another module, you will meet their growing demands. Soltaro have batteries and inverters to compliment your existing solar PV system. As well as hybrid and all-in-one systems. Beautifully designed domestic battery storage blends seamlessly in all settings.
Soltaro customer service is second to none. Together with our remote monitoring technology your updates can be remotely applied. Keeping you up to date in real time. Take a look at our home battery storage and talk to our team about your energy needs.
Australian Designed and Engineered
Wall Mounted, IP65 for Outdoor Application
Expandable, to grow with you
Plug and Play Installation, easily retrofit to existing system.
Available in 5kWh or 10kWh
Virtual Power Plant Ready
Seamless Switchover to keep you powered during outages
Local and Remote monitoring.
Available in Hybrid or AC Coupled Inverter options.

High voltage lithium iron phosphate LFP batteries, modular and expandable at any time, with 10 years warranty and parallelable up to 8 units.

  • They can charge and discharge with a maximum current of 30A

  • Equipped with a charge status indicator

  • IP55, can be installed both indoors and outdoors

  • Protection from abnormal voltages and currents

  • Available: SBR128 / SBR160/ SBR192 / SBR224 

  • The system consists of 3.2 kWh stackable battery modules pre-wired with LiFePO4 prismatic cells for added safety and stability.

  • Starting with 3 battery modules, up to 8 modules can be connected per system. In this way, from 9.6 kWh up to 25.6 kWh is available, the system can be expanded over time by adding battery modules or by paralleling up to 4 systems of 8 modules.

  • Each battery module weighs only 33 kg which makes it movable even by one person, the plug & play connectivity system makes installation of the product extremely simple.

  • After installation, the hybrid inverter automatically recognizes and configures the battery.

  • The battery has been certified to the latest safety standards, including the stringent VDE2510-50. The system was also designed with more redundant measurement levels, for maximum safety.

See How It Works In The Home

The site of Heron Creek, Cornwall, United Kingdom. A house powered by a SolaX X-Hybrid inverter with two 6.3kWh Triple Power batteries. Since having the system installed, they are using less than half the amount of grid electricity than before.


High-performance energy storage solutions