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Battery Storage
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Energy storage solutions



Did you know...

The majority of the world's lithium is derived from salt? In fact, it originates from salt brine extracted from beneath salt lakes. It's reassuring to know that our planet can readily supply the resources needed for battery storage. 


One of the most exciting developments on the solar front in recent years has been the introduction of low-cost storage batteries. It represents a big step forward in terms of achieving a power-neutral home and zero energy consumption from the grid. It is smarter and financially beneficial to store your excess energy for your own use rather than feeding it back into the grid.
Make sure you talk to your Darwin Solar representative about incorporating battery storage into your installation or at least ensuring you have a battery-ready system, for battery storage prices will be progressively reduced as the years unfold and you can simply add one later.

SoFar                15KW ALL-IN-ONE BATTERY SYSTEM


This integrated DC-coupled energy storage system includes an inverter and batteries in one package. It utilizes long-life cycle CATL battery cells, providing up to 28.5kWh usable energy with the Sofar BTS5K batteries. Ideal for domestic or small commercial setups, it offers a 6kW (26A) emergency power supply output with less than 10ms EPS switchover, ensuring your critical loads stay powered during grid outages. Moreover, this system comes with built-in backup and black start functionality at no extra cost, setting it apart from competitors that charge for these features.

The Sungrow Inverter and Battery Combo is a highly versatile and reliable inverter designed for flexible applications in the realm of solar energy. Boasting an impressive 13.5A current input, it easily accommodates high-power PV modules and can be utilised in both standalone and retrofit scenarios. The system supports parallel connection with master-slave controlling, ensuring efficient power distribution and management.

Sungrow Solar Inverters

Compatible with a wide range of high-power PV modules and supports parallel connections for flexible applications.

Seamlessly switches to backup mode during power outages, with fast charging for continuous power supply.

Enables green energy to electric vehicles, offers online monitoring, and optimises self-consumption with built-in EMS.

Simplified setup with unique push-in connectors and touch-free commissioning, saving time and effort.

Suited for diverse solar energy applications in various settings, ensuring reliable performance.

Sungrow Solar Inverters
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