Battery Storage

Energy storage solutions

One of the most exciting developments on the solar front in recent years has been the introduction of low-cost storage batteries. It represents a big step forward in terms of achieving a power-neutral office or business and zero energy consumption from the grid. In most cases you will be better off storing your excess energy for your own use rather than feeding it back into the grid.


Make sure you talk to your Darwin Solar representative about incorporating battery storage into your installation or at least ensuring you have a battery-ready system, for battery storage prices will be progressively reduced as the years unfold and you can simply add one later.


SolaX, Triple Power are offering a NEW 5.8kWh model that can be installed in series with up to 4 batteries enabling 23kWh of storage.


The new Triple Power encompasses the very latest in LFP technology which ensures much safer installations with wider temperature tolerances. With a 10-year warranty and 90% depth of discharge, the new Triple Power battery is a flexible, practical, high-performance energy storage solution.


See How It Works

The site of Heron Creek, Cornwall, United Kingdom. A house powered by a SolaX X-Hybrid inverter with two 6.3kWh Triple Power batteries. Since having the system installed, they are using less than half the amount of grid electricity than before.


High-performance energy storage solutions