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About Us

Darwin Solar our Innovative Problem Solvers

We understand that one size does not fit all. In the world of solar energy, we found this is definitely the case. 

While one customer, a simple solar inverter is the solution, another customer is best suited to solar powered air-conditioners to achieve the best outcome and return on investment.

We offer residential and commercial customers a wide range of industry-leading renewable energy products sourced from best-of-breed suppliers from around the world, including some that we have developed and manufactured right here in Australia, especially for Australian conditions and the environment.

If you want to discover the most innovative solution for your needs, contact our team. We are sure you will learn something new and be impressed from first meeting us, right through to our after sales meeting. ensuring  you are getting the best from the technology!


Why Darwin Solar?

Proudly Australian
Innovative, industry leading products designed and manufactured right here in Australia.
Lighting Analysis for your home or business.
Excellent Value
Quality Engineering and Installations
At Darwin Solar, we have a team of fully trained and accredited technicians and engineers to deliver the best designs and installations of solar power systems at your home or business.
Holistic Energy Managent Plans
we’ve partnered with some leading financial institutions to offer you some of the very best finance options available anywhere in Australia,
We use only the very best products sourced from right here in Australia and all over the world, including SolFlow, REC, SOFAR, Longi, Sungrow


Solflow Renewable Energy Products
Sofar Solar Inverters
REC Solar Panels
Solar Power Systems
Sungrow - Solar Inverters
Solar Powered Air-Conditioners
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