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Australia's Solar Rebate 2023:
Act Now to Secure Your Savings

As 2023 comes to a close, it's time to focus on an important change – Australia's solar rebate. This isn't just a rebate; it's an upfront subsidy that lowers the cost of solar systems. It's been a game-changer for solar power in Australia, and understanding it can help you make smart choices about going solar.

What is the Rebate and STCs?


The core of this rebate is Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs). They're like virtual vouchers generated when you install a solar system. STCs, minus some fees, act as discounts when you buy your solar setup. The number of STCs you get depends on where you live, your solar panels, and the installation year.


Why 2023 is Special


In 2024, this rebate will drop again. It's part of a gradual reduction plan that started in 2017 and will continue until 2031 when it disappears. Each year, the rebate shrinks, so it's important to act fast.


For example, if you install a 10kW solar system in Darwin on December 31, you get 122 STCs. But if you wait until January 1, you'll only get 107 STCs – that's 15 less, and less savings.


Timing is Everything


Remember, the rebate is based on your installation date, not when you sign a contract. As 2023 comes to a close, our installers are in high demand, and we're anticipating a rush of solar installations, which means there can be a delay from the time you request quotes to the actual installation. 


As we approach 2024, our team will start quoting based on the 2024 installation date, factoring in the rebate reduction. While panic-buying is never advised, it's wise to act now if you're considering solar. The longer your roof remains without solar panels, the more you'll pay in electricity bills. Even if a 2023 installation isn't feasible for you, opting for a quality installation in 2024 is still a wise investment.


In a Nutshell


Australia's Solar Rebate in 2023 is your chance to cut solar costs for your home or business. As each year passes, the rebate shrinks, so act now. Your installation date is crucial. Secure your savings and lower your electricity bills by harnessing solar power today.


Ready to make the change? Contact Darwin Solar now for further information. 

What Our Customers Say

Bradley Harvey

I found Darwin Solar to be very friendly and easy to deal with, great customer service and support, explained everything we needed to know. BIG 5 STARS and would highly recommend David and the team at Darwin Solar to anyone looking at getting solar connected.
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